An update on our bottle-feeding adventure – #forbetterbeginnings



A few months ago I posted about my struggles with breastfeeding my third baby and all the emotions that came with it as he continued to lose weight and I tried everything in my power to increase my supply (with no avail… you can read it here). Well, now that he’s a jolly, chubby, healthy 8-month-old, I wanted to post a little update as a #PlaytexMom and let all the other moms out there know that the emotional turmoil some of us put ourselves through, is just not worth it. Let go of what is out of your control, and focus on what you can do for your baby. I know, easier said than done, but if it helps ease the anxiety of even one parent, then this post is worth writing :)


So, two of my healthy, happy kids were breastfed to a year, and the other healthy, happy kid ended up being mostly bottle-fed and that is OK. More than OK. How lucky for us that when my body failed us (or so it felt), there was nutrient-rich formula for us to supplement with, and well-designed PlaytexBaby bottles with Natural Latch® nipples that made the transition to bottle-feeding so easy? So lucky. Some people never have the opportunity to breastfeed if they aren’t the birth parent, or if the babies are in NICU, and so many others either struggle with it, or choose not to for personal reasons (including having to go back to work early, or an infinite number of other reasons). Making other moms feel badly for their choices in feeding their baby is so damaging. I was fortunate to have great family and friends that offered all the support I needed, and helped ease my fears in those early weeks, but I’ve read too many stories by women that were judged harshly and made to feel badly. Ugh. Enough already with that. Life is too short to spend so much time worrying. Spend your time loving that sweet baby of yours and supporting all the other parents trying to do what’s best for their family.


You know what a major perk to bottle-feeding is no matter what kind of milk is inside? Siblings, dads, grandparents, aunts, and friends getting to share in the joy of feeding baby. He is the most snuggly when he’s drinking and his big sister loves nothing more than soaking in all those cuddles ♡ #ForBetterBeginnings


This post was sponsored by PlaytexBaby who in my honest opinion, have the best bottles and a great community of #playtexmoms.



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