Babies – so cute, yet so stinky #forbetterbeginnings

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Tonight I wanted to show you some of our nursery! I say some because it’s not entirely finished, but baby Eames is not even 5 months old yet so I’m feeling pretty on top of the game ;) We’ve got the important stuff done: a beautiful crib, a chair to cuddle him to sleep in, a changing station, and the big one, a Playtex® Diaper Genie® Elite to keep his room from getting smelly. Seriously, they poop so much and it is the stinkiest. How does something so cute produce such foul smells?


We’ve been using the Diaper Genie® from Playtex Baby since our first was born so when I was asked to review the Diaper Genie® Elite as a #PlaytexMom I already knew how much of a life saver it was. The new Playtex® Diaper Genie® Elite is similar to the one we’ve had for the past 7 years but it now comes in a variety of colours and has a Diaper Genie® Carbon Filter to combat the worst of the diaper smells. The filters are made with safe and natural activated carbon that traps the odours rather than just covering them up with a fragrance. Also, the lid has a double-door system so that no smells escape when you open it to put another diaper in. Honestly our original Diaper Genie® did the job and is still going strong after all these years but the new Playtex® Diaper Genie® Elite is just that much better at keeping the smell contained and I’m loving the gray! It comes in the classic white, a light blue, light pink, or this pretty gray that we have in the nursery now which matches just perfectly. It’s available on Amazon, or at BabiesRUs, Walmart, or


So, do you like how the nursery is coming along? The drawing on the bookcase is a sketch my grandma did of me and her when I was just a newborn. It’s so special. Don’t look too closely at our picture wall though, the pretty frames are up but half are still filled with the pictures that came in them! Ha! Kind of ironic since I spend too much time everyday taking the cutest pictures of my sweet baby. Actually printing them is on my to do list ;)

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