Bite me.



I love the high pigment pencils by Bite. I want to shout it from a mountain top but I figured I’d blog about it instead ;)


Most lipstick dries out my lips and ends up on my teeth (a great look), and gloss is messy with long hair and wind. I was pretty happy when lip crayons took over the market recently. There are lots of great brands out there but the ones from Bite are awesome. So. Much. Moisture. I usually use just the crayon on its own without a primer or lip liner. It stays put for hours and I swear, my lips are softer afterwards. How do they do it you ask? I have no idea. But you might want to try it for yourself. 



BITE High Pigment Pencils from Sephora (Rhubarb and Madeira mixed together here)

Colours (from left to right): Rhubarb, Cranberry, Quince, Madeira