Floral Crowns – The Winter Edition!

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I know I am supposed to wait until after Remembrance Day to start with the the Winter Holiday Festivities but I just could’t wait! It’s my favourite time of year and the moment Halloween wraps I can’t help but get started. So here is our first DIY project of the season. We were going to forage in the woods for evergreen sprigs and pinecones but we decided to head to Michael’s instead and make some we could wear all winter long. My four year old wore her little crown on our family hike this afternoon and it made for adorable pictures that will be our Holiday Card this year! She has also informed me she will be wearing hers to the Santa Claus Parade next weekend, and I probably will too ;)


We bought evergreen garland that has the bendable wire inside, a few mini bouquets of red berries (also with the wire inside), and a couple of snow-covered sprigs. The garland was a little thick to use how it came, so we cut the sprigs off of it and then made a circular crown out of them just by twisting each of the ends of them together like pipe cleaners. Using the sprigs again we would lie one of the embellishments down where we wanted to add it to the crown and then twist a sprig around it. This bendable garland was such an easy product to use because we didn’t have to use glue or floral wire to attach the other things to it, we could just use the little sprigs of garland as wire to wrap around them. Even the pinecone we were able to thread through the petals and around the crown to secure it down. Add as much extra fa la la to it as you wish and that’s it! Voila!


Note: If you feel like foraging in the forest and using real evergreen to make the crown instead of the artificial material we used, then just wrap green floral wire or brown twine around the sprigs to secure the base and use a hot glue gun to add anything else to it.


When you try it out use the hashtag #laceandbraids if you post it to Instagram so we can see it too! XOXO