Big announcement on the blog today! This year I’m partnering up with PlaytexBaby as part of their #forbetterbeginnings campaign. Over the next ten months I’ll be getting to know their products and writing reviews of them here on the blog. I’m so excited that I’ve been asked to be a #PlaytexMom for PlaytexBaby since we already use so many of their products in our house, including our daughter Rory’s treasured Batman plate that she loooves. We’ve also used a Playtex Diaper Genie ever since our first baby and I don’t even want to imagine the stink in our little house if we didn’t. It’s a brand I know and trust and I’m so looking forward to working with them.   PlaytexBaby has been a staple in households for over 50 years but they’re constantly evolving, and the new look and feel of the line feels fresh and updated from what I picture from my childhood. There are so many products out there today and it’s overwhelming when you start trying to choose the very best ones for your baby. We all just want our babies to be happy and healthy and it’s nice to have a line of products that we know are safe, and designed to give the best beginning for our little one without the trial and error of testing out every soother on the market like we did with our first babe. Pretty sure we ended up buying all the soothers in the baby aisle of the grocery store. Rookies ;)   So while the posts are sponsored, know that I’ll be giving honest reviews of all the products, and trying to find the very best ones that have worked for our family, to share with you. You can check out all their products here and let me know your favourites or what you’ve wanted to try and want to know more about. You can also check out the #playtexmom and #forbetterbeginnings hashtags on social media to join the discussion and find other moms in the community who are looking for the very best for their baby.   Thanks for stopping by the blog! Can you even stand that pic of baby Eames? Our bed is my happy place this winter. There’s always at least one kiddo in there with us looking to snuggle ♡

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  • Abbey says:

    Congratulations Amara. That’s fabulous ns this photo is so gorgeous. Abbey xxx

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