Mornings at our house



Oh, the morning routine. There’s really nothing routine about it in our house. Some days are happy, giggle-filled mornings, and others are complete mayhem with tantrums about missing superhero capes, or whether or not someone has to wear socks, because it’s warm out, and they really don’t want to wear socks since socks are the.worst.thing.ever… (apparently).


Our bed is the hub and always has been. This picture makes me laugh because it’s so accurate except for two things: one, I cleaned my room for it, and two, who actually has time to pause amidst the craziness for a photo? But I’m glad I captured it because this glorious mayhem is us. Rory is always jumping from the radiator to the bed and shrieking while she does it. I also love the photo of Delphine pouting on the stairs. It was a candid shot this morning but she couldn’t help but smirk when I told her I was going to take a picture of her ridiculousness (note: the socks are still not on).


After everyone is finally dressed and downstairs, we have breakfast and now that Baby Eames is on solids we have three hungry mouths to feed. Often we get talked into making them three different things because you have to pick your battles and by the time we have battled our way downstairs and  forced socks on to children (because we are clearly the worst), three breakfasts seems like the easiest option. I love feeding the baby his oatmeal. He’s the messiest, and the most excited, waving his little arms in anticipation of each bite. The girls also love to feed him which makes it even messier ;)


After Max has taken the girls to school, it’s just me and baby and our sweet dog, and the house gets so quiet. I often plop baby down with his buddy and just sit with a second cup of coffee to try and catch my breath after the whirlwind of our mornings. I’m not the only #PlaytexMom who has a hectic morning. Check out @PlaytexBaby on Instagram to see their new video and see how you can relate to their pretty accurate depiction of mornings with children. You can also watch their video here :) What do yours look like? Last minute homework help to give? Sibling drama? Tearful goodbyes with baby? Let me know in the comments or join the conversation with #ForBetterBeginnings ♡

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    You have a gorgeous family Amara 💕

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