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It’s finally warming up in Toronto and the sun has been shining all weekend! Hooray!


So five months after delivering baby Eames, I’m still not fitting into my pre-pregnancy pants. I’m also not fitting into my pregnancy clothes though so while I’m in this weird transitional time, I was in need of some new clothes. I tried waiting it out for awhile but who needs that kind of pressure?? I headed to Zara because the price point is good and there’s a ton of selection. They have so many trousers this year! You can get more informal joggers or anything up to crepe cigarette pants and they have almost all of them in this fun blush colour. I’m loving this look because these pants are super comfortable, but still elegant, and paired with the cropped oversized sweater makes it look less fussy and more fun I think. I’ve layered it with a slim-fitted lace top because of my current loosey-goosey post pregnancy bod but also because it’s still a little cold this time of year.


I have to say, wearing pants that actually fit again, rather than squeezing into my old pants was the right choice. I immediately felt better and it took the pressure off rushing to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothing. Tight pants are the worst and no one should subject themselves to wearing them ;)


WEARING (a whole lot of Zara)

Cropped sweater with wide sleeves – Zara

Blush trousers – Zara

Backpack – Zara

Lace top – She Inside

Gold heels – (sold out but I’ve linked to some others at The Bay)