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Hooray! Wedding season! I love weddings and I love dressing up for weddings. When you tell our 4 year old, Rory, that we’re going to a party or any other event, her first question is always “fancy?” She’s so funny because her everyday outfit choice is anything with batman on it and usually sneakers because she plays hard, but then she loves getting fancy at any opportunity. I can totally relate. Well, maybe not to her undying love of batman ;)


This is my favourite dress this season because it’s bold, and fitted, and so unique. The entire Ted Baker line this season is gorgeous and I just love the birds on this one. I usually gravitate towards more romantic and flowing dresses but this one jumped out at me and I can’t get enough of it. I went darker than I usually do with the makeup because the dress is moody and I wanted my lips to match it. I’m wearing Maxwell in Zoya which is my favourite beauty line because it’s cruelty-free and toxin-free. Check out their amazing nail polish too. It’s all I use on my girls if they ask to have their nails done (which is always a request for  “rainbow”, which then requires opening 10 different bottles to paint each nail a different colour….when you give a mouse a cookie…)


Anyone else loving charm bracelets again? I hadn’t had one since I was younger but I picked up this one from Thomas Sabo recently and now I have to go get two for the girls because I think they’re great and they’ll have so much fun picking out their little charms out of the collection.


I’ve pulled some of my favourite dresses from the Ted Baker line for you that I think are all great options for any events this summer. How fabulous is that last skirt?? Swoon. I could see it with a cropped top too. Oh, and when you’re planning your outfits for wedding season, don’t forget to bring some fancy flats for dancing the night away at the reception! How adorable are these ones? I like big bows and I cannot lie!



Dresses – Ted Baker (bird print is sold out online but you can head in-store to find it, or shop my other favourites here)

Black Heels – Manolo Blanik

Bow Flats – Ted Baker

Charm Bracelet – Thomas Sabo (currently on sale!)

Lipstick – Zoya

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