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Trips with three young kids require a ridiculous amount of stuff and Max and I laughed packing up the car for just three days this past weekend. Before we had our babies we used to go to Europe for weeks at a time with just carry-on, and yet now the car is overflowing for only a weekend trip away. Cribs, car seats, strollers, and swan floaties… we’re a travelling circus. Ha! It all makes the weekends away run smoothly though, so we happily pack it all up. We tried out the Playtex® Flip Top Snacker Cups for this trip and we found that they were great for travel because of the lid that can snap on to keep the snack fresh when not in use, and then twist around to click in under the cup when they’re eating. It keeps the lid close for when they need it back on and is easy enough for young kids to be able to do it themselves. The other great thing is the narrow opening in the top that allows for their little hands to reach in for the snacks but then what’s inside doesn’t manage to escape. Believe me, Baby Eames tested it out thoroughly, smacking the cup repeatedly on the rocks (because it made the best noise apparently), and not one cheerio came flying out. He also loved the twist around lid and it kept him happily playing for a solid 15 minutes at one point (which I spent in a muskoka chair, soaking up the sun and the moment of peace). You can buy the Playtex® Flip Top Snacker Cups at PlaytexBaby.ca or on Amazon. They’re such great value and they come in a few different colours so no one will fight over who’s whose. Rory loves apple chips in hers and both Delphine and Eames like cheerios. Baby Eames has just started using his sweet, chubby little fingers to delicately pick up one piece at a time and then he shoves his whole fist into his mouth to eat it.


I’ve been nervous to travel as a family of five but it was so much fun and now I want to test the waters with a big adventure somewhere. Spain? Italy? Oh the travel bug is back! In the meantime though, there are so many great weekend trips just a couple of hours out of Toronto. One of my oldest and dearest friends from Australia is visiting Canada right now with her sweet baby and husband and so we met up with them at Blue Mountain which was just as much fun in the summer as it is in the winter. We swam and lounged around on swan floaties, we ate too much, rock climbed, mini-putted, hiked, rode the gondola, picked wild daisies from the side of the mountain, and spent our morning and evening walks looking for frogs and tadpoles in the marsh of Mill Pond. I highly recommend it. Where are your favourite trips around Toronto? Have you ever been to the Bruce Peninsula just outside of Tobermory? It’s one of our favourites. Leave me a comment with some of yours! XO


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  • Abbey says:

    Gorgeous photos of your holiday! Its looks like you had a fantastic time, and yes a trip to somewhere in Europe would be a great family holiday. Abbey x x x

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