About me

I have always loved fashion; it has been a welcomed constant in my ever-changing life.

I began modelling at the age of 15 and my career with Elite took me all over the world seeing it through the eyes of fashion. Now back home in Toronto, I hold a degree in Political Science from U of T and own a pretty awesome espresso bar. I am a mama to two incredible girls and am studying Fashion at George Brown. Like most women, I play so many roles in my everyday life - dressing for all of them is fun. 

People often ask me where I bought my outfit or how I put it together, and it starts a great conversation. This blog is somewhere I can put it all out there. It is a place to share my love of fashion with you and what I have found works and doesn’t when dressing for the day and night ahead. Whether fashion excites you or overwhelms you, I am so glad you are here.