7 months with baby #forbetterbeginnings



Just in this past month it seems that my baby isn’t such a baby anymore. Most people talk about how fast time flies and how sad it is to see them get so big, so fast, and sometimes I feel those pangs knowing he’s my last baby, but it also feels like a huge relief if I’m being honest. As a #PlaytexMom for PlaytexBaby™ I’ve been trying to be really honest about motherhood so that those open conversations can happen because having a community of moms to talk to is so important. So, I’ll just put this out there – having an infant can be really hard. It’s wonderful, but it’s also exhausting, and scary, and isolating. In that first picture where he’s still the size of his little hippo, he was just 11 days old. He was adorable (and smelled delicious!) but he was also so fragile and dependant on me almost 24 hours a day back then. I was struggling with low milk supply and him losing weight and all the feelings of failure that go along with it. We weren’t getting any sleep between having a hungry newborn, our two girls who were adjusting to life with an even fuller house, and our silly but sweet pooch who howls at loud sounds (babies crying, girls singing, you name it). I wasn’t depressed or terribly sad, just overwhelmed and constantly struggling with time management. I wanted to snuggle him all day, I also didn’t want to miss anything happening in the girls’ lives. I had to work and I also had to keep up with laundry for a family of five. I basically had to figure out where I could squeeze more hours into the day… The point is, it gets easier with time. If you’re feeling at all overwhelmed as a new mother, know that the best is yet to come. 7 months old is already feeling really good. He is happily sleeping through the night after almost 6 months of not sleeping at all. Being rested after a full night’s sleep makes all the difference for all parties involved, and with him sleeping well during the day too now, I’m able to work through his naps and feel better about snuggle and play time when he’s awake. He’s also just so happy now that he has a little more independence. We had to rush to fully baby proof the house for a little crawler but now he has some freedom to explore and it is just the sweetest thing to see him beaming as he crawls past me to see what’s on the other side of the kitchen. Now is the fun part when his beautiful, funny little personality starts to shine through and we can all get to know him. His sisters are so in love with him and watching them teach him new things is the best. They have loved feeding him his PlaytexBaby bottles and now that he’s onto solid foods, they absolutely love feeding him his purees that we make. It’s all terribly messy and fun when he tries to grab at the spoon and they’re in hysterics watching the food fly. Having a 4 and 7 year old already, I know how wonderful each age is ahead and I can’t wait for each one. What has been your favourite age with the kids? And how was having a newborn for you? #ForBetterBeginnings

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