Dipped in Gold Flakes



This simple mani has a great wow-factor and is perfect for those of us that have trouble colouring within the lines ;)


To start, apply two coats of a neutral colour and let it dry. I used “Pretty in Putty” by Ciate London. Next, dab a polish on to the tip of your nails that has a chunky sparkle in it. My favourite is “Out of Sight” by Formula X for Sephora which is a top effect polish with giant gold flakes. Using the brush, dab on the flakes liberally, covering the top third or top half of the nail and don’t worry about making it a straight line or slightly different lengths of gold – it works a little messy because it’s as if you’ve just dipped your fingertips in gold (as one does). To finish, apply two thick coats of a clear glossy top coat. The flakes are rough and it will last much longer if you are left with a smooth surface that won’t catch on sweaters.


Pretty in Putty by Ciate London

Out of Sight by FormulaX for Sephora

Glossy Seal by Zoya


Try it out and share the results with me by using the #laceandbraids hashtag ♡