Lancôme’s Visionnaire Crescendo

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My beauty routine lately is all about good skin, some lush lashes and a little lip gloss – even hair brushing is optional in my books. So now more than ever I’m focused on making my skin look it’s absolute best so that I don’t feel I need to have to cover it up on a daily basis. I’m not getting any younger and with three young kids in the house I’m not getting all that much sleep either. My skin needed something and while exfoliating helps I wanted to try something more. I was thinking of going in for a chemical peel but hadn’t found the time yet and I was worried about how intense it would be on my skin which is already pretty sensitive. How red would I be afterwards and for how long? I’m also a bit chicken! Then I was given Lancôme’s Visionnaire Crescendo to try and it’s been such a great product for me so I wanted to fully share my experience with you here.


The Visionnaire Crescendo is Lancôme’s 28-day Progressive Night Peel and helps fight all those signs of aging that I’m starting to see: dullness of the skin, larger pores, and wrinkles. The bottle has two phases with one end giving us 14 days of the lower intensity stage of the peel. Phase 1 prepares the skin for the higher intensity of Phase 2 which is another 14 days dispensed from the other end of the same bottle. All of this is done at home which is a huge bonus for me since I’m looking for big results but I’m limited on time. I just put a little of the liquid on each night to cover the face and followed it up with a hydrating lotion. It’s been so easy and much more comfortable than I was imagining. I had thought there would be redness or tightness of the skin during each phase but I haven’t experienced any of that. I would say the only thing is that it goes on just a little stickier than a lotion so wearing it at night while you’re sleeping is best. Honestly, within a few days I was convinced my skin was looking a little more radiant, but I don’t know if I was just excited or not lol! After using it all month I can definitely see results. My skin is feeling smoother and looking better overall. You can’t see my pores as much because they’ve shrunken in size and my skin isn’t dull and dry like it’s been all winter. There’s a radiance there people! Hurrah! It also helps that for 28 days you’re more focused on your skin since you need to wash your face each night before you put it on and you need to hydrate it afterwards. Just those two simple things helps and then the peel itself does all the hard work. But don’t skip a night. It works, so do it everyday! Now I’m feeling all fresh-faced for Spring.


*I was given Visionnaire Crescendo by Lancôme as a #partner but the opinions of the review are completely honest and all mine.